Skype Workshops


Learn iPhone Photography techniques online through group or private Skype workshops.

How does it work?

All you need is a high-speed internet connection, and the Skype app downloaded to your computer. At the designated workshop time, we’ll connect using the Skype app. I will demo iPhone photography apps just like I do during on-site workshops by sharing my iPhone’s screen online, in real-time. Through Skype, we’ll be able to see each other and interact just like an in-person workshop!


Photo Editing Techniques for iPhone/iPad

Check my schedule soon for Spring 2017 Skype workshops. Or join my mailing list to get my upcoming workshop schedule emailed to you.

Fee: $75
Workshop limited to 10

In this 3-hour group workshop, you’ll learn how to how to edit, fine-tune and perfect your photos directly on your iPhone and/or iPad. Plus, you’ll learn how to use creative post-processing iOS apps that can transform you images into photo-based digital art. Workshop prerequisite: A working knowledge of your iPhone 5S or later. Upon registration, you will receive a list of apps that we’ll work with in the workshop.

Private Mentoring

By appointment
Fee: $300 for 2-hour private session

Improve your iPhone Photography and iOS photo editing skills with an individually crafted on-line workshop. Contact me today, to set up your individually crafted lesson plan and schedule a time to start learning.