TPS 29: The International Competition

juror: Elizabeth Avedon

October 3, 2020-January 9, 2021
The Silos at Sawyer Yards, Houston, TX

January 21-March 20, 2021
The Center for Contemporary Arts, Abilene, TX

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It’s Pandemonium Fundraiser Exhibition

November 7, 2020-January 9, 2021

In-person: Creative Alliance Main Gallery, Baltimore, MD. RSVP to visit in person.

Curated by Visual Arts Curator Thomas James, Amy Raeshe, and Lat Naylor, this exhibition celebrates Creative Alliance’s 25th anniversary and brings affordable art to the community.


November 20, 2020-January 3, 2021
A. Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX

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Winter Solstice 2020 Exhibit

Dec 8 – Jan 5, 2021
Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA

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Digital Directions

February 3-March 6, 2021
Maryland Federation of Art, Circle Gallery, Annapolis, MD

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