Artist Statement

The Emotional Landscape series explores how we idealize the landscape through memory. All of us have a deep connection to certain places from our past. We see these places not as they are, but idealize them through our memories.

I draw my inspiration from late 19th century landscape painting ranging from The Hudson River School painters to the early 20th century Pictorialists. Similar to these painters, I interpret the landscape and how it affects me emotionally and spiritually. My approach is not about capturing reality, but creating a neo-Romantic world reflective of my memory and imagination.

Walking is an integral part of my creative process. All of the places in The Emotional Landscape were captured with my iPhone while hiking through these special places. Walking through a landscape allows me to see and feel the nuances of space, time, and light. It becomes a form of meditation. Like a painter, I manipulate these images through the layering of textures and colors to express my emotional response to a landscape that exists only in my memory.